Welcome to my e-book service

My e-book service is for new and different  e-books you may like for give away's
any  subject and maximum 3 pages I also make e-books for catalogue/business information handouts

Prices are as follows  Standard  give away 3 page Book £25  non standard £49 (your pictures etc)  Prices for business/catalogue type  with your info and picture £75   all in. these can be sold on Amazon!!, ebay and on your web sites , instant Downloads after payment when selling , NO POSTAL costs, or packaging , all digital

Delivery generally in 12 days from start of book so 14 days maximum.   I will be having a sample on this page shortly, check out video picture below, to show you only some of the different covers ,NOTE I can also  make up cover's as required. 

I also can Create an on-line   Flip e-book shown below,  at £15 on top of e-book price

Book to your left comes up clear and is adjustable by viewer to magnify or make smaller ,Looks fantastic
sample does not to protect customers content,
these are only available to view on line, great for  
a) explaining  or for instructions or Courses and much much more, great on paid membership sites, I can make them too for you see (membership site service)

You turn page 1 at a time of course and are truly brilliant to use and look stunning on pages, there is also a variety of backgrounds.

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